Massive interest in our AGU 2013 session

Asa Rennermalm organized and convened the session Glacier, Ice cap, and Ice sheet Hydrology together with Irina Overeen, Marco Tedecso, Ian Willis, Allison Banwell, and Amber Leeson. The session had one poster section, and two oral sections. The... Read More

Interview with Åsa in Daily Targum

Read the whole article here.

Diane Burko Seminar at Zimmerli Nov. 6

Diane Burko gave an excellent presentation about here work at Zimmerli Art museum on November 6th. Don't miss the exhibition! See more ... Read More

Åsa gives seminar at Zimmerli teachers workshop on November 7

Åsa gave a seminar about the changing Arctic at the Zimmerli teachers workshop, where participants also met Artist Diane Burko, Curator Donna Gustafson, and Professor Hal Salzman. More info is ... Read More

Targum features the Arctic Lense Byrne Seminar

Freshmen! Sign up for Åsa's and Hal Salzman Byrne Seminar about the fast changing Arctic. Targum featured this seminar among ... Read More

Daily Targum about Chasing Ice Event

Interview with Åsa in Daily Targum about the Chasing Ice Event is here

Let Us Talk About Water events on Oct. 23

Two Let Us Talk About Water events took place on October 23.... Read More

Making a small town run more efficiently

As the new Undergraduate Program Director for Geography, Åsa recently... Read More

Åsa at Bridging the Divide conference

Rutgers Climate Institute have put together a great conference about Hurricane Sandy and future vulnerability. Åsa will participate in one of the panels. Find more info ... Read More

Åsa's seminar at Dartmouth College, Oct 15

Åsa will talk about her Greenland ice sheet research at Dartmouth College on October 15. More info here.