Incoming Rutgers Freshmen: Sign up for Asa's Byrne seminar in Sp. 2014

Åsa and Hal Salzman will lead a Byrne Freshman seminar in Spring 2014 called Arctic Lens: A journey to the great north through film

In this seminar we will explore the physical, environmental, and social dimensions of the Arctic through feature films and documentaries.  Examining the rapidly changing Arctic – the global bellwether of climate change – we will draw on the research of both instructors who are currently conducting field work in the Arctic: one is a glacial hyrodologist studying Greenland ice sheets and the other is a sociologist examining the sustainability of Arctic villages in the North Slope of Alaska and the impacts of offshore oil exploration.  We will view four 1 hour-long documentaries and two feature films, and read works that provide background for our discussions.  Finally, we will enjoy a trip to see Diane Burko’s exhibition on the “Politics of Snow” and meet with her in Philadelphia.