Rutgers Climate Education Workshop Oct 4th

If you are at Rutgers and teach about climate change, please join the Climate Education workshop run by Rutgers Climate Institute. It is limited to Rutgers faculty, staff, postdocs and graduate students aimed at identifying shared challenges in... Read More

Diane Burko at Rutgers
Art by Diane Burko is exhibited at the Zimmerli Art Museum (see more info here), Don't miss this great exhibition! The Daily Targum... Read More
Samiah at the Arctic Earth Observation and Surveillance Technologies

Samiah participated in a summer course "Arctic Earth Observation and Surveillance Technologies" organized by University of Tromso and NAROM (Norwegian Centre for Space-related Education). A feature about this course in Norwegian is ... Read More

New paper: Evidence for Greenland ice sheet meltwater retention

Our new paper published in the Cryosphere suggest large amount of Greenland ice sheet meltwater may be retained and released with months delay. Our analysis is one of few studies using actual measurements of meltwater export from the ice sheet, but... Read More

Chasing Ice Screening on October 23rd

Come see "Chasing Ice" on October 23rd 5:45pm - 8pm at the Rutgers Cinema.
Free Pizza and panel discussion with Rutgers Professors.
Register ... Read More

Check out photos from our fieldwork

Check out our fieldwork photo HERE.

Call for Papers: "Glacier, Ice Cap, and Ice Sheet Hydrology" at AGU Fall meeting 2013 (USA)

I invite you to submit an abstract to the following session at the AGU Fall meeting San Francisco: December 9 – 13, 2013 (USA)



The... Read More

A report from the 2013 Greenland melting season


Tom Mote submitted a short report from our fieldwork to National Snow and Ice Data Center's webpage Greenland Today. Scroll down to 'A report from the field' on this page: http://... Read More

John is awarded NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship!

John Mioduszewski has won a highly competitive NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship (NESSF) for 2013/14 in connection with his research on "A Multi-Method Approach to Improved Understanding of Terrestrial Snowmelt in a Warming World.” John was one... Read More

Incoming Rutgers Freshmen: Sign up for Asa's Byrne seminar in Sp. 2014

Åsa and Hal Salzman will lead a Byrne Freshman seminar in Spring 2014 called Arctic Lens: A journey to the great north through... Read More